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About GWHA


Why are women choosing Guelph Women’s Health Associates?

Women often tend to look after everyone but themselves, until one day a light bulb goes off and they realize – “it’s time to look after me”.  When this moment occurs many women face the reality that they can’t ignore the signals that their body has been giving them.  Stress levels and lack of self care hit a critical point and they feel like their health is in jeopardy mentally, physically and emotionally.

Those nagging symptoms like a little bit of urinary leakage have progressed now to stopping them from minor physical activity like an evening walk.  Being inactive has heightened their sense of fatigue and overall feeling of sadness or depression, which is adding to both emotional and sexual strain in their relationships. In these moments women may feel helpless, but women also know that given the right resources they are strong and can return to an optimal state of health.

Have you ever wondered or felt:

  • Where can I access these unique services?
  • With a busy schedule, how can I manage or attend multiple appointments
  • I am really not comfortable talking to my doctor about my concern
  • I don’t think there is any treatment that will work and help me
  • I want treatment that allows me to be in control
  • Are there other options than medication?  I am not interested in medication if there are other options
  • After seeing my doctor, I am now waiting months for a specialist appointment.  What else can I do?

If this resonates with you GWHA can offer you strategies to get you back to optimal health.

How is GWHA different?

GWHA’s professional team works collectively with you, applying our many decades of combined experience to your unique situation to find the solutions that are most effective, and easeful for you.

We recognized the need for a friendly, calm, and supportive environment where women can freely talk about their issues, while also getting excellent treatment. Our office location has accessible parking, an elevator to our suite (for those days when you just don’t feel like taking the stairs!) and a friendly bright feminine environment welcoming you upon arrival.

Sometimes our busy schedule doesn’t allow us to take time away from our family, and we understand that. New moms are welcome to bring their infants along with them during treatment sessions, as well as our facility is absolutely comfortable and welcoming of nursing moms– in fact, we support it!

GWHA’s professional team offers unique extended treatment sessions so that while you are with us, you don’t feel rushed during your treatment, and feel as relaxed as possible.

Although we do offer a wide range of services, in some instances, your personalized treatment plan might require a separate visit to another Guelph community provider. We want you to receive the best care possible, and because of that, we are very open-minded when it comes to referring our patients to other providers operating in the community. After all, our patients are number one– your success is our success.

pelvic physio (1)


Our Physiotherapists combine their orthopaedic physiotherapy foundation with their pelvic physiotherapy skills.  This allows for a whole body physiotherapy experience often incorporating multiple different treatment strategies and using techniques like:  external joint and tissue mobilisation,  internal tissue mobilisation and release, exercise prescription for both external and internal muscle systems, modalities like ultrasounds, TENS, acupuncture and most importantly patient education.  To learn more about EPA’s unique process, read Our Path to Improved Health.  To learn more about your unique experience with a pelvic physiotherapist, read  What to Expect From Your First Visit.



VIRTUAL Physiotherapy

Are you motivated to achieve your goals but want to know you are on the right PATH? VIRTUAL PHYSIOTHERAPY is now being offered by Guelph Women’s Health Associates (GWHA).

Click here to find out more.



ISM Physiotherapy

The Integrated Systems Model (ISM Lee & Lee 2011) is an approach which provides an understanding of how all past injuries, poor posture and movement habits are linked and have contributed to the current state of health or lack thereof. It is an integrated approach developed to understand and treat patients as a whole rather than isolating out singular injuries. Unlike the conventional methods, Integrated Systems Model (ISM) therapy considers the impact of beliefs and aims to explain the relationships between pain and your mind.

Occupational Therapy

Illness, disability, pain or significant life transitions can disrupt your ability to engage in the life roles, activities, and relationships that are important to you. Occupational Therapists are trained to merge your lived experience with the best available evidence in order to help you find creative ways to navigate these challenges, manage symptoms, optimize function, and find a life balance that works for you.



Breastfeeding & Lactation Support

At Guelph Women’s Health Associates, we offer lactation education and support through the means of a Certified Lactation Counselor. We offer these services to new parents during the entire feeding process for your infant: breast/chestfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, and starting solids. This is a challenging and unfamiliar time for many parents, and having the encouragement and knowledge to successfully feed your baby is extremely beneficial. Our goal is to help these new parents and babies to meet their feeding goals.



Physiotherapy Pilates

Our Physio Pilates Program is instructed by a Registered Physiotherapist who is also a Certified Pilates instructor. Physio Pilates consultations are offered on-site, during a one-on-one session. After the consultation, private Mat and Reformer sessions are available, as well as group Mat classes (site dependent). Our program is ideal for anyone who has completed their rehabilitation plan and is looking to improve their health through an advanced independent exercise program. Physio Pilates is a physiotherapy service and is covered under many of the Physiotherapy Health Benefits that you may have.




Acupuncture is a tool that is used across several team members at Guelph Women’s Health Associates.  Traditionally, acupuncture is thought to balance the energy (Qi) that flows along the channels in the body called meridians. Acupuncture is a safe and efficient alternative to pain medication, but also can have positive effects on the function of a particular muscle, organ or body system. Each provider at GWHA, when using acupuncture will identify the benefits and risks (if any) with acupuncture being part of your treatment plan. For more information visit:



Pre & Post-partum Care

GWHA providers have a unique offering for women looking for pre and postpartum care.  Personalized exercise recommendations/plans are developed throughout pregnancy and in conjunction with physiotherapy and yoga, many painful conditions are treated during pregnancy. GWHA’s supportive services have a basket of services that begin with prenatal support, birth support, postpartum support and general family support



Oncology Rehabilitation Programs

GWHA is in a unique position to offer adjunctive treatments for many oncology patients. Successfully assisting a patient dealing with cancer requires an empathic and skilled multidisciplinary team. Our Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Program following lumpectomy or mastectomy has been servicing the Guelph community for over 20 years.  For specific oncology programs visit the Conditions We Treat.



Osteoporosis Rehabilitation Programs

Successful treatment of osteoporosis focuses primarily on education and prevention.  Women who are either at risk or who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis can experience success with their management if they have the right tools.  A critical review of types of exercises used regularly, hormonal and dietary considerations are a must.  GWHA’s team can lay the groundwork with you!


Guelph Women’s Health Associates is the first of its kind in Guelph.  GWHA is a unique Centre that has a focus on health issues that are unique to women.  Eramosa Physiotherapy Associates has spearheaded the Centre and will be initially providing our unique programs:  Pelvic Physiotherapy, Breast Cancer and Osteoporosis.  In addition to physiotherapy GWHA houses  other providers including: Naturopathic Doctors, Osteopaths, Pilates, Yoga, Lactation consultants and more – all there with the focus on improving Women’s Health. At any Eramosa Physiotherapy Associates (EPA) and Guelph Women’s Health Associates (GWHA), we guarantee that our physiotherapists are dedicated to providing the most recent and evidence-based treatments available. Our belief in excellence carries throughout everything we do; manual therapy, exercise prescription and patient education. Our clinic mandate requires that all physiotherapists complete their advanced manual therapy exams. For this reason, our physiotherapists boast some of the highest skills in manual therapy. If you as a client want your service by a provider who breeds clinical excellence, then we are your choice.


Eramosa Physiotherapy Associates (EPA), are a group of physiotherapist owned and driven orthopaedic clinics in and around Guelph, Ontario Canada.

Eramosa Physio’s first site in Guelph was established in May of 1997. Our clinical expertise and client service have evolved into our unique process: Your Path to Improved Health

EPA began their pelvic health program in 1997, and over the years recognized that this unique group of clients needed their own home with a collaborative group of professionals.  In January of 2017 EPA established a unique site:  Guelph Women’s Health Associates.

Over the last 25+ years, our Guelph locations alone serves more than 150 physicians in the community. We have been active with local urologists, gynecologists, midwives, nurse practitioners, orthopaedic surgeons, sport physicians and specialists to develop leading women’s health programs, post operative programs and sport injury prevention/performance programs. We have an excellent rapport with family physicians, surgeons and other healthcare providers. This relationship allows us to openly discuss treatment, observe surgeries and collaborate on our client’s health concerns. This enables us to provide you with the best possible treatment options.




To provide evidence based physiotherapy.
To emphasize manual and exercise therapy.
To maintain communication lines between all health care providers.


Our affiliation with the University of Guelph’s Health and Performance Site (HPC) has allowed us to participate in formal research projects, scrutinize the scientific literature in order to develop relevant and evidence based injury prevention programs like our GRIPP (Groin Injury Prevention Program – For Hockey Players)KLIPP (Knee Ligament Injury Prevention Program – For Soccer, Basketball, Rugby and Volleyball players) and our newest SHIPP program (Shoulder Injuries Prevention Program – For Overhead athletes like swimmers, pitchers and throwing). We have also had the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of some of our specialized programs; our shoulder program was found to have a 93% success rate for patient satisfaction over a three-year period. This research has driven comprehensive outcome measures to be used with all of our patients to monitor and challenge our treatment outcomes.



What happens during our Free 15 Min Consultation?

This is your opportunity to ask any questions to a physiotherapist.  During this 15-minute consultation, our Physiotherapists will answer your questions, one on one, about physiotherapy, as well as discuss your current health goals and how to work together to reach them.  Let’s take the obstacles away from looking after you!

Too often we hear from patients “I have had this referral for a year but…”

…I was wondering what IS pelvic physiotherapy….sounds a bit scary…

…I don’t have a lot of time so I wasn’t really sure if this is what I really needed or was looking for…

…I have been worried about the potential cost of this treatment…

…I really wasn’t ready to share my story again…

These are all common reasons that delay women in getting the help that they need.  Use our Free 15 Min Consultation for Physiotherapy to ask any question and take away barriers or obstacles to getting help.  There is NO FEE for this 15-minute consultation.

Do I need to book a time?

No, you don’t.  The Free 15 Min Consultations are scheduled both in advance and on a drop-in, first-come basis.  If you want to make sure you can ask your questions in a timely manner we would urge that you call the clinic to book your time slot. (519) 780-0606



If you are unsure about whether or not virtual Occupational Therapy would be a good fit for you, contact Lara to arrange a FREE 20 minute Discovery Call to chat about your goals and whether we could be a good a fit!


Online OT services could be a great fit for you if…

  • You are experiencing persistent pain, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, urinary urgency, frequency, leaking or other forms of pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • You are struggling with some of the common aches and pains of pregnancy or the postpartum period and looking for some movement coaching/adaptations to optimize your comfort and recovery during these transitions.
  • You are working with a Pelvic Health Therapist in your area but need help navigating the impact that this is having on your emotional wellness, relationships, and ability to engage in your day-to-day life and meaningful activities.