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September 18, 2019
October 19, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
105 Wyndham Street North

Have you ever experienced, or been curious about:
– low back/hip pain that isn’t improving,
– pelvic pain,
– postpartum or other urinary incontinence,
– leaking with sneezing or coughing,
– prolapse or other pelvic conditions,
– pain with sexual activity,
– a disconnection with your pelvic area.

In this dynamic workshop series, we will build the foundation for the healthy balance of your pelvic floor through lecture, discussion, self reflection and embodied movement to awaken our awareness and understanding of the gifts and challenges of the pelvis. Become familiar with the function of your pelvic floor, how to access, explore, and balance these muscles and to apply the skills and insight developed to your daily life.

COST: $145 + hst before Sept. 3, $160+hst thereafter.
The first session can be taken alone:
$55+hst before Sept. 3, $60+hst thereafter.

KRISTIN HONEY: a yoga and movement teacher for 18 years, her passion for pelvic health has developed through study with Susanne Kemmerer, Pelvic Health Solutions and Leslie Howard combined with personal exploration, collaboration with clients, pelvic health physiotherapists and health providers. She encourages curiosity, awareness and compassionate inquiry through functional and somatic movements, presence, and methods that encourage us to arrive just as we are in our bodies, hearts and minds. Minimum 10 registered in the full series is required. Please register early so we can plan accordingly

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