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Free 15 Min Consultation for Physiotherapy or Naturopathic Medicine

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What happens during our Free 15 Min Consultation?

This is your opportunity to ask any questions to either our physiotherapist or naturopathic doctor.  During this 15-minute consultation, Dr. Robin or our Physiotherapists will answer your questions, one on one, about naturopathic medicine and physiotherapy, as well as discuss your current health goals and how to work together to reach them.  Let’s take the obstacles away from looking after you!


Too often we hear from patients “I have had this referral for a year but…”

…I was wondering what IS pelvic physiotherapy….sounds a bit scary…

…Is naturopathic medicine an accepted medical strategy?

…I don’t have a lot of time so I wasn’t really sure if this is what I really needed or was looking for…

…I have been worried about the potential cost of this treatment…

…I really wasn’t ready to share my story again…

These are all common reasons that delay women in getting the help that they need.  Use our Free 15 Min Consultation for Physiotherapy or Naturopathic Medicine to ask any question and take away barriers or obstacles to getting help.  There is NO FEE for this 15-minute consultation.

Do I need to book a time?

No, you don’t.  The Free 15 Min Consultations are scheduled both in advance and on a drop-in, first-come basis.  If you want to make sure you can ask your questions in a timely manner we would urge that you call the clinic to book your time slot. (519) 780-0606